In our company, we focus on:

PROGRESS is not just a name for us.

We aim at the multidirectional development of people and companies we cooperate with.


We increase the personal and professional effectiveness of participants in development processes.

We do our best to help the Client achieve the planned goal.


We create the program in accordance with the needs of customers. We do not have universal solutions – trainings are tailored to the needs of a given company or organisation.


Good relations between the trainer and the trainee are the basis for development, because they open up space for development. We respond to the needs advanced by participants.

The Progress® TRAINING model


We work on the basis of David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory and Albert Bandura’ Guided Mastery, which makes the training effective and interesting for the participants.


We teach through action and proprietary training games.

80% practice, 20% theory

We adopt the 20/80 principle – i.e. 20% of training is theoretical, and 80% is practice and skills development.


During the training, we take into account the group process – the processes taking place in the group are closely related and affect the substantive aspect of the training.


We rely on the experience of our training participants. We know that adults learn more effectively by integrating new knowledge with their rich experience.


During training, we create an atmosphere of openness, friendliness, freedom and a sense of humor.


We specialise in trainings for trainers and educators in the field of innovative methods of working with a group.

Since 2015, we have been running the School of Trainers (216 hours of classes, we have already conducted 13 editions) – a comprehensive training preparing for the education of adults. We conduct training in the field of soft and interpersonal skills for employees and managers.

We cooperate in the implementation of ERASMUS + projects for education – we develop innovative training programs and scenarios, we create guides and e-books on teaching methodology, we build models for conducting classes for trainers and educators, we create methodological materials for teachers.


Our Team consists of psychologists, soft skills trainers with many years of experience, as well as research and teaching staff of the university, business practitioners.

All trainers are perfectly prepared technically and have factual knowledge to conduct effective workshops. We care about the quality and effectiveness of our trainings, regularly discussing and supervising our work.

We believe that the basis of effective learning is mutual trust, which is based both on positive relationships as well as trust in the competences of the trainer and the resources of the person who wants to develop. That is why each trainer in our team has properly documented competences and extensive experience in their field.

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